How In the Hell…?

I seriously don’t understand how people can do shit like this.  It seems beyond physics, beyond the capacity of a normal human being, and beyond the realm the rest of us are forced to live in.  I wish I was able to dedicate myself to one thing.  Specifically, something as awesome as skateboarding.  Think of it, you get to be outside, get exercise, and impress all the kids drinking mountain dew outside of the corner store.  I’ve been watching the X-Games since the crowd was able to fit on bleachers.  And I still haven’t convinced myself to learn how to ollie.  Scratch that, I can’t even move in a solid direction without falling on my ass.  Would you like to be as amazed as I have been since I learned about skateboarding (and I’m not talking about the fake underwater sport my roommate and I made up while blacked out on Everclear [by the way, it’s an awesome sport and I’ll show you after we find a pool and get hammered on top of hammered])?  Well here you go.  Slowed down so the rest of us humans can learn how impressive this outer space shit actually is.


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